CLEARANCE Silk Under Glove

Size Guide

CLEARANCE - The Racer Silk Under Glove is designed to be used as base layer for cold weather riding. Made from 100% silk, a natural insulator, that's breathable and wicks away moisture to keep your hands warmer, dryer, and more comfortable than with just gloves alone. 

  • Lightweight and breathable 5oz 100% Silk
  • 1" Rib-Knit wrist cuff
  • Provides an insulating layer of warmth and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Sizes XS-2XL (Uni-Sex) 

 The Inside Line Notes - These run just a bit big. They have quite a bit of stretch. 

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    Size Chart

    Helpful Tips - Please Read:

    The size chart is a general guide and is not exact to every hand. The limiting factor is the larger measurement of either your palm or finger length.  

    For reference, the hand in the size chart measures, 9.5" palm width, 7.5" finger length and wears a large in all but 1-2 styles. 

    NOTE: If you are a man and have small hands, a women's size glove will not necessarily fit. A women's pattern is different.

    If you are unsure of sizing, please send an email with your measurements and which glove you're interested in for a recommended size. 

    Step 1 Palm Measurement

    Place your dominant hand lightly on a table and using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your palm at its widest point. The widest point of your palm is just below your index finger knuckle, to the mid-point between your pinky knuckle and wrist. (See photo 1)

    Racer Gloves Size Step 1


    Step 2 Finger Measurement

    Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm where it meets the wrist. (see photo 2)

    Racer Gloves Size Chart Step 2

    Step 3 Find Your Glove Size

    Make sure to write down the measurements from Steps 1 and 2. Compare that information to the sizing chart below to find your size in Racer Gloves. 

    Men's Gloves 

    Men's Sizes XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Palm Measurement 8 ¼"  8 ½" 8 ¾" 9 ½" 9 ¾" 10" 10 ½"
    Finger Measurement 6 ¾" 7" 7 ¼" 7 ½" 8" 8 ¼" 8 ½"


     Women's Gloves

    Women's Sizes

    XS S M L XL
    Palm Measurement 7 ¼" 7 ½" 8 ¼"
    Finger Measurement 6 ¾" 7 7 ¼" 7 ¼" 7 ½"


    Step 4 Get Your Gloves!

    Have questions on fit or sizing? Give us a call at 541-460-7001 or send us an email