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Sicuro Glove

  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
  • AMA Supersport #45 Jordan Imrie wearing the Sicuro Motorcycle Glove
  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
  • Z2 Instructor and co-owner Kathy Reilly wearing the Sicuro Motorcycle Glove
  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
  • 2013 Pikes Peak #3 overall finisher #59 Jake Holden wearing the Sicuro Motorcycle Glove on his attack of PP
  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
  • CMRA #1 Plate holder Ty Howard wearing Sicuro Motorcycle Glove
  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
  • Jake Holden wears the Sicuro Motorcycle Glove during his attack on Pikes Peak 2013
  • Motorcycle Gloves for Racing and Road-Sicuro Glove-Racer Gloves USA
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CLOSEOUT - LIMITED INVENTORY The Sicuro Glove features Racer's signature Kangaroo leather palm combined with Knox® SPS sliders and SuperFabric® abrasion resistant material to provide ultimate palm protection.  Finish it off with a Titanium knuckle protector, a double wrist closure, and you have superior protection and outstanding fit.  This is one of our favorite Road Race gloves!

Here's a few reviews for the Sicuro - Sport Rider - Ride Apart


- Kangaroo leather palm with grip diamonds

- SuperFabric® palm abrasion protection with Knox® SPS sliders

- External seams on non-impact fingers for comfort and no pressure points

- Titanium knuckle protection

- Double closures on wrist for secure fit

- Ring and little finger adjoined to prevent "finger roll"

- Available in Black or White/Red

- Sizes S - 3XL

The Inside Line Notes - The fit of the Sicuro tends to be on the narrower side with slighlty longer finger length when compared to other race gloves in the line. NOTE - 1/1/15 - Racer Austria has discontinued production of the Sicuro. Only 2XL and 3XL in limited quanities available. 

Warranty Information

Rest assured, this product comes with 1 year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser.
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  1. Best fitting glove I have ever bought 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2015

    I love the fit and quality of these gloves
    In 47 years of riding and racing nothing has come close to my Racer gloves.
    Thanks to Lee for the help in sizing me up on the phone. My next pair of touring gloves will be Racer gloves.

  2. Excellent Gloves but be careful of scratches on your tank! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2014

    First off I would like to say that the service before sale was excellent. I had a question about sizing, (because my hands fit between sizes according to the palm/finger measurements), and Lee advised what glove size I should try the very next morning after I sent them a late night email. :)

    Sicuro Gloves appear to be excellent in construction and quality. They do run a bit narrow but that just makes them snug. When I first received the gloves the right hand little finger felt "strange", (like if there was an intruding seam), but within a short time of riding, (and my hand sweating a bit), the feeling went away and the gloves fit "like a glove"!

    Note that the Sicuro is more of a fair weather glove. Not that they won't keep your hands dry but they do tend to ventilate quite well so during colder days your hands will feel cold. I am going to use a pair of glove liners to take care of that issue and really is not a fault of the gloves themselves. Might just have to buy a winter pair of gloves. Wish they made a Sicuro winter version ...

    One small issue that should be noted. The Sicuro gloves have "SuperFabric® abrasion resistant material to provide ultimate palm protection and a Titanium knuckle protector". I found that if you lay the gloves down on a painted surface, (such as your tank), you CAN lightly scratch the clearcoat/paint. Not sure if it was the SuperFabric or the Titanium, (and I am not about to experiment to figure it out), but just a word to the wise that it is probably not a great idea to lay the gloves on your tank. To avoid this I just put the gloves on before getting on the bike and laying them on the seat after getting off.

  3. Fast Break in, lots of protection, good price for comparable gloves 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

    Just rode in these gloves the first time this weekend. I have to say they broke in really fast, by noon they felt like I had been wearing them all season. The palm sliders are out of the way of the grips and this adds a lot more protection but doesn't effect the comfort.

    I'm really impressed with the super fabric and the stitching on these gloves. I would recommend these to anyone really concerned with keeping their hands safe while riding.

  4. Great product, great service, would buy again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2013

    Ordered these gloves on a Wednesday hoping to receive them by Saturday - they arrived on Thursday! Lee did a great job of making sure I was taken care of and got what I wanted.

    The gloves fit snugly out of the box and now that I have put about 1000 miles on them, they feel well broken in. They keep me warm in cool weather, and cool in hot weather (had lots of both in the last few weeks).

    The build of the gloves met my expectations for spending the amount you do on them. They are also much easier to get on and off than I thought they were going to be. Also, this being my first pair of full racing gloves, I was unsure about how much dexterity I would lose as a result of wearing them. I actually had more grip and feel with these than I did cheaper, smaller, and thinner gloves.

    I hope to never have to test these in an impact scenario, but I have a feeling my hands and wrists will be well protected by these beasts.

  5. Best fitting gloves I have ever owned 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2013

    I decided to purchase these gloves after reading a review about them. After riding with them for a few weeks now, I have to admit that they are the best fitting gloves I own. The gloves fit great and I get more the enough ventilation to keep my fingers cool when reading in the hot Los Angeles freeways.

    I would love to comment on their protective ability in a crash, but I am lucky enough to not have experience that yet. However, judging from the knuckle protectors construction, the padding on the palms, and the quality of the leather I feel as if these gloves will serve me well in a crash.

    My only complaint is with the Racer logo that is found in the pinky. I feel as if the logo makes it slightly difficult to move my pinky. It is not a big issue at all.

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase and I foresee myself wearing them for a long time. Although I do plan on one day comparing with the R-Safe racing glove.

  6. Great gloves 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Apr 2013

    I’ve had these gloves for about 9 months. My reason for choosing them was I was looking for a glove that had the palm sliders on them as I had crashed on a track while wearing another brand of gloves equipped with the palm sliders and judging by how worn those sliders got after my relatively slow crash I thought it was a worthwhile feature. I continued to wear those gloves until they developed holes both from wear and from apparently sweat. I decided my next pair of gloves would also have the palm sliders but I wanted something that would last me for more than 1 year. After looking at the various choices I decided to go with the Racer Sicuro gloves. My first experience with this brand. After nearly daily use for 9 months I can say these are the best gloves I have ever owned. They offer very good feel without sacrificing durability. They are still in great shape and just keep getting more comfortable. The only negative thing I can say is that I wish that the palm sliders were a little thicker or more solid but that is a minor gripe. Highly recommend these gloves and would buy again.

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