Road Race Knee Sliders

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Road Race Knee Sliders - Injection moulded slider which is sewn and glued to leather backed Velcro. Slider body is pre-curved and specific to right or left which provides comfort and a secure attachment to leathers. Low friction, quiet and well liked by our test riders.  

- Low friction, will not grab pavement

- Left and Right Pre-curved body for comfortable fit

- Leather backed Velco for secure attachement

- Sold in pairs - Black



Reviews (2)

Eric Kondo 19th Jul 2017

Racer Knee Pucks

Copied and edited from another review Eric Kondo March 2015 On the weekend of March 7th and 8th, we had our season opener at Sonoma Raceway with Z2 Track Days in which I participate as an instructor. I also had the opportunity to test some pre-production knee sliders that were provided by high quality glove distributor, Racer Gloves USA, located in Morgan Hill, California. My entire riding career I have always used leather sliders as I enjoy, no I rely on, the feel and ability to slide on asphalt I have become accustomed to whether in a high speed or slow speed turn. And it is my opinion that all plastic/resin sliders I have tried prior, either did not provide feel, were noisy, or worse, both. In typical Racer Gloves fashion, when I arrived home from work the next day, the pucks were on my porch awaiting my arrival home. The first thing I noticed when removing them from the box was the ice cream cone shape to the pucks. Removing them from the plastic bag, the first thing I noticed was the feel of the resin. It actually had some depth to it instead of that hard plastic feel I typically encounter so my interest was piqued. Each slider has a letter designating which knee they should be applied and the curvature of the puck was a good shape to ensure complete contact with the velcro on my leathers. Depth of the slider at the middle was about an inch with the sides a little thicker to make up the curve of the back side and maintain a fairly flat face. Velcro was of high quality and did a nice job of holding the sliders in place. With a cool track and me riding my FZ-09 for instructing purposes, we did not get a chance to drag knee. But as the temperatures rose about 10 degrees, we left the FZ in the pits and brought out my race bike, a Yamaha R6. After a couple of warm laps to get some temperatures into the tires, we arrived at the Carousel (Turn 6) and after dropping in off the rise, we banked the bike over and got our knee on the deck. I waited for the loud sound of plastic dragging on the ground as my left knee touched down and was taken by surprise by how quiet it was. In fact, I was so shocked I didn't even think to assess what the sliders felt like. We continued on down to turn 7 and placed the right knee on the ground and again nice and quiet and I must say I was really impressed by the feedback I was getting from the slider. We continued on throughout the weekend and I even did a couple turns to the left placing a lot of pressure on the knee and the slider worked flawlessly as it did not stick or grease up. As I mentioned earlier, I am a throwback and really believe that leather sliders are the only way to go when road racing. However, I can honestly say that because of the fit and feel of Racer's knee slider, they have now opened my mind up to actually using and enjoying a resin knee slider as good quality leather sliders are getting harder and harder to find. I will be campaigning a Yamaha R3 this year and actually use my knees more with the smaller displacement bikes than I do with the bigger displacement bikes, so my next review will be how well the pucks hold up to some real abuse as we move into the race season. UPDATE - It is 2017 now and I am still enjoying the Racer Knee Pucks, and I am sure you will too!

William R Russell 6th Jul 2016

Great Pucks!

Lee (Racer Gloves USA) recommended I try the Racer Sliders as my stock Spidi ones were on their way out fast. They have great feel, slide very well and have minimal noise and feedback while your knee is on the ground. They work wonderfully as a kneed slider should! 4 Stars due to aesthetics...they look dated. Don't judge a book by its cover though! Great product. Thanks Lee!

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