Racer Gloves USA for the most comfortable gloves I've ever owned.
When you put them on you think "oh yea, these are nice" then they break in and you think "holy s**t these are ridiculously comfortable!" I truly appreciate the opportunity to represent your company!

I’ve put many of Racer Gloves’ top competitors through
some serious sport testing, and nothing compares.
Nothing actually comes close when you consider the major points
such as comfort, protection and longevity.

I'm loving these new racer gloves #racerglovesusa.
They fit perfect and are so soft right out of the box.
Definitely the best gloves I've ever had.

My Mickey's, which I bought two weeks ago, broke in after just 3 rides.
Seriously, you guys make the absolute best gloves out there.

Mine worked outstanding when I had a high speed low side
followed by tumbling through the gravel trap!

Definitely a customer for life here! Thanks for making a superior quality product.

Best most comfortable gloves I have ever owned.
I have had Spidi, Alpinestars, Held, Joe Rocket and Dainese.
Racer Gloves are the best ones I have owned hands down

I read many reviews of the Mickey and read about the tight fit.
Called Racer and Lee helped me figure out which is best size to go with.
Out of the bag they fit great and yes, a bit tight getting in and out
but the fit and protection is well worth a bit of tight in/out.

I love Mickey :) I never had better gloves... and I really had a lot before.
All criteria are in the right place: Quality, functionality, safety,
fit, and design. 5 stars from a pro rider!

Wow, someone recommended these gloves. They are great. Excellent quality,
top of the line protection. Great price. Cannot go wrong.
Use them on the track. I go with my old pair on the street.

I've been riding and racing with the Racer High End gloves for many years
and the transition to the new High Speed glove has been great!
Racer has further improved on their already perfect design to
add additional protection to the palm, wrist and knuckle
while keeping the glove just as comfortable as ever to ride in

I purchased a pair of Racer gloves very similar to the Feeling Glove
in Weiz, Austria about 12 years ago while on a road trip.
They have been my favorite glove ever since. I was really worried that
I wouldn't be able to replace them once they did wear out.
So glad to see that Racer now imports to the USA.
The "Feeling" glove is even better than my original.