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  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • Red Bull Road Race Factory, AMA Supersport rider, #19 Daytona Anderson wearing the R-Safe Glove Motorcycle Glove.  Photo credit -www. geocrashphotography.com
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • CMRA Racer David Glen wearing the R-Safe Glove
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • Z2 Track Day instructor David Benjamin, wearing the R-Safe Motorcycle Glove, two up !
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
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  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
  • R-Safe Motorcycle Glove
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The R-Safe Motorcycle Glove provides an extremely high level of protection for the most important connection to your motorcycle…. your hands.  Palm construction consists of kangaroo leather along with SuperFabric® abrasion resistant material, mated to 3 Knox® SPS palm sliders. The chassis is constructed of cowhide with the inside upper hand and fingers lined with Kevlar. Finish it off with TPU hard protectors throughout, a secure double closure wrist, and you have one of the most protective race gloves available. 

The R-Safe has been chosen 2013 Protective Product of the Year and 2013 Glove of the Year by WebBikeWorld.  

Check the review of the R-Safe glove on WebBikeWorld

RideApart.com review says "these are the safest set of race gauntlets available"


- Kangaroo palm combined with SuperFabric® and Knox® SPS palm sliders

- Soft and strong Cowhide Nappa leather chassis

- TPU hard protection on knuckle, fingers and wrist

- Double closures on wrist for secure fit

- Ring and little finger adjoined to prevent "finger roll" 

- Runs a ½ size smaller when new, but breaks in to gain back the ½ size.

- Available in Black or White/Red

- Sizes M-3XL




Warranty Information

Rest assured, this product comes with 1 year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. To learn more about Racer Gloves USA warranty information, visit our Customer Service page.
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  1. Wonderful Gloves best hands down! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2015

    I own the High Speed glove also and this glove is just as good or better! I trust my hands in either gloves racing or just riding. Very comfortable gloves with all the protection you need plus more!! Thanks for such a great product!

  2. Updat to my previous review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2015

    Have ridden a couple hundred miles in these and they are everything I expected and more. Comfortable, with loads of protection that doesn't interfere with feel of the controls. They are still breaking in but really, feel nearly perfect already. For the money these compare more favorably with any of the other big names. Construction appears solid and tight and I have full confidence these will protect me if needed. I'm getting ready to order the High Speed glove for warmer temperature riding!

  3. Best Glove for the Money! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2014

    Recommended sizing appears to be spot on. Tight, but should be perfect after breaking in. Very please with the fit on the finger length as I have slightly short fingers for the size of my hand. Just enough room but no excess hangover on the fingertips to interfere with dexterity. I expect them to be more comfortable than my Astars, which have fit best of any other glove so far. Contrary to what some others thought about the tight wrist making them slightly difficult to put on and take off, I like this feature as it gives me more confidence they will stay on when needed. Appearance and quality look to be every bit as good as anything else I have looked at on the higher end of the price spectrum.

    I do have one issue. Similar to Web Bike World’s review I have a pressure point in the right thumb seam related to a “knot” of material. I trimmed the extra chunk of leather beyond the stitching and that helped. Some of the problem is due to my right thumb being slightly longer than my left, reducing the room at the end of the thumb. I rode about 100 miles with them and did not experience any discomfort. I figure another couple hundred miles and they will feel like they were custom made for me.

  4. I prefer these over the flagship High Speed Gloves which I also own 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2014

    Summary: These were much better than the racing gauntlets from Dainese, Alpinestars, Held, and RS Taichi which other riders around me wore. Surprisingly, I think these should have remained the flagship and the $20 pricier HS should move down to #2. If more colors were offered like Full Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow I'd buy another pair.

    I bought the High Speed gloves (HS) because I needed the ultimate protective gloves for summer in Texas (very hot and humid). Unfortunately, the yellow palms on the HS became soiled easily, and I was curious about these which were the former flagship model so I bought these too.

    Out of the box, these were uncomfortable vs the HS. However, after 3 days of riding several hours, they finally broke in. They now feel amazing. I also think they feel MUCH more protective than the HS. Also, the Medium HS gloves have 1/2 an inch gap between my thumb and ring finger whereas these are the perfect length. A Small in the HS would've been too small.

    The tradeoff for a tighter fit and more protection? These breathe somewhat less than the HS, and the the controls feel less responsive. On a spectrum in terms of less comfort/response/breatheability: naked hands -> liner gloves -> summer mesh gloves -> HS gloves -> R-Safe. These can be worn in the summer, however you'll just sweat more. I can wear these in low 60 degree weather at 65 mph and be comfortable. Any colder than 60 degrees renders these impractical. I wear these during summer evenings, autumn, and spring. Unfortunately, I cannot wear Gore Windstopper liner gloves underneath these like I can for the HS gloves. Thus, the HS gloves are more versatile because the perforations get blocked so they turn into winter gloves.

    The only criticisms are the Knox palm protectors are the older generation on these whereas the HS have the newer ones. The huge logos on these are garish and clunky-looking versus the HS which look more subtle and smaller. Finally, the wrist strap is a pain to loop when you're wearing one glove on the other hand. I'd like to see something easier to snap on or off when you have less dexterity.

  5. Outstanding Product, Outstanding Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2014

    The fit and finish of these gloves is unsurpassed. After wearing them for a few days, they feel great on my hands. The customer service is top notch: response to email, tolerance of numerous questions and quick shipment to me. Highly recommend to anyone.

  6. The only thing better than the gloves is the customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Oct 2014

    I bought the R-Safe to replace a pair of Rev'It Jerez gauntlets (also fantastic gloves, but the plate for the knuckle protector was cutting into my knuckles because my palm was wider than the plate -- bonus points here for the R-Safes since they use a separate leather section for the knuckle protector, allowing some movement when you wrap your fingers around the bars, and there's two layers of padded leather between your knuckles and the protector).

    I got to the point with my Jerez that I could no longer ride without pain from nearly-bloody knuckles, so I planned to go to a local Racer distributor to try on a few pairs of Racer's gauntlets. Before going to the store, I emailed with Lee, the owner of Racer USA, to get his input on sizing and which style of glove to go with. He made some recommendations for me, and explained to me that the R-Safe would run a bit tighter than the High Racer and the new High Speed glove, and the R-Safe would take a little more break in time. With that in mind, I went to the local distributor and tried on R-Safes, High Racers, and the High Speed gloves.

    The R-Safes were snug, especially trying to pull them on, but just as Lee said, the High Racer/Speed ran a little bigger in the same size. I decided to go with the R-Safe, banking on them breaking in properly for my hands.

    I got home (45 minutes away), pulled my new gloves out of the bag, and found three small needle holes in the palm (presumably from a sewing machine mistake). I emailed Lee and asked if there was anything he could do for me; I had bought the store's last pair of mediums, and I had a supermoto track day in two weeks. Lee replied the next day, despite being out of town on vacation, and told me he would overnight me a replacement pair in time for my track day. He came through. That kind of customer service is rare, and Lee is the reason I've now purchased three pairs of Racers (two for me, one for my dad) and recommend them to everyone who asks.

    As for the gloves, I broke them in during my track day in 103F heat. They loosened up perfectly in all the right places, making them easier to pull on as they broke in. I got some blisters due to the heat, but the gloves worked perfectly all day. I had a slow low side in the dirt, and the palm sliders and superfabric did exactly what they are supposed to do. No injuries, no pain. Aside from some small scratches to the sliders, the glove looks perfect, no damage.

    Since then, I've had a chance to ride with them in the canyons for several weeks, and after breaking in, they are simply the best glove I've had. The kangaroo leather allows for great feel on the controls, they are comfortable for all-day riding, and the protection gives me great confidence. Before, when I would ride with my Jerez, I came to expect sore knuckles and stiffness in my fingers after a long day of riding. The R-Safes have completely changed my perspective on how a sport riding glove should feel. Assuming they fit you right, you cannot go wrong with this glove (and Lee will help you find one that does work for you, if the R-Safes don't). Highly recommend.

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