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The R-Safe Motorcycle Glove provides an extremely high level of protection for the most important connection to your motorcycle…. your hands.  Palm construction consists of kangaroo leather along with SuperFabric® abrasion resistant material, mated to 3 Knox® SPS palm sliders. The chassis is constructed of cowhide with the inside upper hand and fingers lined with Kevlar. Finish it off with TPU hard protectors throughout, a secure double closure wrist, and you have one of the most protective race gloves available. 

The R-Safe has been chosen 2013 Protective Product of the Year and 2013 Glove of the Year by WebBikeWorld.  

Check the review of the R-Safe glove on WebBikeWorld

RideApart.com review says "these are the safest set of race gauntlets available"


- Kangaroo palm combined with SuperFabric® and Knox® SPS palm sliders

- Soft and strong Cowhide Nappa leather chassis

- TPU hard protection on knuckle, fingers and wrist

- Double closures on wrist for secure fit

- Ring and little finger adjoined to prevent "finger roll" 

- Runs a ½ size smaller when new, but breaks in to gain back the ½ size.

- Available in Black or White/Red

- Sizes M-3XL





Reviews (35)

William R Russell 1st Nov 2016

Happy Racer!

When a good friend of yours who happens to be connected in the Industry in a very unique way tells you to "check out Racer Gloves" you do it. Joe Salas, owner of 4TheRiders, pretty much told me they were the best gloves he had every ridden in. I, of course, did not believe him. But I put the statement to the test. The R-Safe are amazing gloves. Super comfy, perfect fit, excellent feel and just the right amount of protection. The gauntlet portion is a pinch longer as well compared to the High Speed gloves, which I like. Gives the gloves a more secure fit. The additional Knox slider on the palm is a nice touch as well, and does not interfere or hamper my riding at all. I happened to crash at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway while racing this past weekend. Tucked the front in T4 at around 80+ mph. The external gauntlet slider and knuckle armor took most of the impact and slide damage, with the leather being that did touch the ground holding up very nicely. I'll be wearing these gloves for a while; you can count on that.

Joe 9th Jun 2016

Best bang for your buck!

After a year of wearing gloves that just weren't that comfortable, I decided to take a look on WebBikeWorld to find some gloves that they recommended. I came across the R-Safe glove review and was very impressed by what they had to say. The gloves had everything I wanted and received their top safety mark of approval....sold! I didn't give them much of a chance to break in before they went straight to track duty. In my opinion, the best gloves you can have while riding offer maximum protection and you don't think about them while you're riding. Well, I haven't had a chance to test the protection (thankfully), but I can tell you that I didn't think about them once during my track day. My previous gloves caused my thumb to go numb by the end of every session...it was night and day with the R-Safes! Look at the price, look at the features and then go compare those two variables to the big name gloves. In some cases you're paying $150 more for less. Protect your hands, save yourself some money and just get these gloves in the first place.

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Additional Info

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