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New for 2017 ! The Racer MultiTop 2 Glove is a waterproof glove featuring a kangaroo palm and a waterproof breathable liner. Protection comes in the form of Carbon fiber knuckle and finger protectors, combined with padded palm protectors with Kevlar® under weave.  Uninsulated, the waterproof liner provides an inherent warmth that allows this glove to be worn in a range of temperatures depending on rider cold tolerance and if the motorcycle has heated grips and or hand guards.  As always, the kangaroo palm provides excellent feel of the grips while providing all day comfort.  


- Waterproof breathable liner

- Kangaroo palm with a Pittards® leather palm patch 

- Padded palm protectors with Kevlar® under lining

- Carbon Fiber hard knuckle and finger protectors 

- Double wrist closure for secure fit

- Available in Black and White/Black

- Sizes S-3XL - Fits true to size


The Inside Line Notes - This glove is a second generation of the very popular original MultiTop glove from 2007.  For our Bay Area weather we find it comfortable in temps between 45 to 55 degrees F.  Your use will vary. 


Reviews (2)

Arthur Rosato 6th Nov 2017


These gloves fit perfectly. Make sure you measure according to the instructions and follow the size chart. The only problem I have is that the plastic knuckle guards, at the joint, over both ring fingers, closest to the tip, dig in a little if I completely close my hands, like a fist. It's fine when riding because my hands aren't completely closed. I hope to not be making too many fists so these gloves should work fine otherwise.

James A Meland (Jim) 15th Sep 2017


I purchased the first version of this glove to use as a rain glove. It became my favorite glove whenever the temperature was below 70 Fahrenheit. These gloves were so comfortable and warm I stopped bothering with my electric gloves. My recent purchase of the second version of this glove was to go a size larger to accommodate a glove liner for when the temperature is in the 30's. The comfort and quality of these gloves is the best I have experienced including a pair of gloves that was three times as expensive. Couldn't be happier.

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