"Which gloves should I buy?" That's a question we hear on a daily basis, and it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that we love them all. But just like there's a tool for every job, there's a glove for every use—and every weather condition. We've put together a short description of each of our glove categories, listed a few fit characteristics as well as details about construction, materials and how you can expect them to break-in. If you have questions, we invite your phone calls at 541-460-7001 or you can drop us a line via email by using our contact form. We'll get back with you promptly.

Glove Categories

Race Gloves

Race gloves should fit like a second skin, no bulkiness, pressure points or fit that takes your concentration away when your hustling along the race track at 100mph plus. When choosing a race glove, it should be snug upon initial fit with approximately 1-2 mm of space at the fingertips. A high quality race glove made of leather with protective features of plastic, carbon fiber etc., will gain back a half size or so after break-in. A race glove that is too big when new will feel sloppy when riding and may cause arm pump.

Street Gloves

Street gloves should fit snug but not as snug as a race glove. Consider the type motorcycle your riding and your riding position. Are you riding upright without much weight on your hands…or are you leaned forward with weight on your hands? These type gloves run the gamut of styles. From long cuff and short cuff styles, with hard protection and without. Constructed with materials of all leather or combination of leather, stretch fabric and synthetic leather.

Adventure/Dual Sport Gloves

As a growing category, the glove of choice really depends on rider preference for the type of riding conditions and bike type. In general, an Adventure glove will be a short cuff style with knuckle and palm protection, and constructed of various materials…leather, textile, and synthetic leather.

Winter Gloves/Waterproof Gloves

Winter gloves need to provide warmth, dryness and dexterity. Breathable waterproof liners such as Goretex®, Hipora® and a host of others provide dryness and breathability so you hands won’t get wet from outside moisture or sweat from inside. PrimaLoft® and other insulations provide warmth. Chassis materials such as leather and textile, combined with Goretex and PrimaLoft® make for the ultimate in winter protection. Of course there are variations that make up many styles.

Women’s Gloves

Lets face it women are built different and in general have long fingers, smaller palms, longer fingernails, and more. While a woman might fit into a man’s designed glove, its best to purchase a women’s specific glove whenever possible. A women’s glove pattern is specific to the female hand and ultimately will be the best fit for a woman.


Still have questions? No problem. Give us a call at 541-460-7001, or send an email by using our contact form. We want you to be 100% comfortable and happy with your glove purchase!