GearChic: My Favorite Women's Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Summer is almost here. And you need to upgrade those tired, old, sad gloves that offer *hardly* any protection except being a piece of fabric on your hands.

These are my top picks for women's summer motorcycle gloves because they offer what I consider the minimum levels of protection to be (wrist coverage, palm sliders). Let's start with the top. I recommend anything that doesn't have insulation as a summer glove. My High Racer Gloves are my absolutely favorite for summer, even though they're not a "summer glove". They have standard perforations but nothing extra like mesh panels or extra perforations for the hottest temperatures. I personally like wearing a full glove in the summer because my hands are worth it to me. ALL the protection you want and more, for street and certainly track worthy.

Watch my video review here and look for another follow up video after Spring 2017.

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