CycleWorld - 2017 Triumph Street Triple RS First Ride - Third Gen is a Track Day Charm

Tucked tight hugging the 2017 Triumph Street Triple RS matt silver fuel tank with throttle pinned the entire length of Circuito Catalunya’s long pit straight, I click up for a seamless gear change into fifth followed shortly with another on cue snick into top gear. Aided by a quickshifter and the high-resolution TFT dash display’s blue bar graph tachometer that cleverly changes color over the final 1000 rpm of the rev range; which first turns orange, then red, and ultimately flashing as the engine approaches its 12,500 rpm limit. The windblast over the stubby fly screen is remarkably fluid and the rock steady chassis is unlike any naked sportbike I’ve ridden to date.

The digital speedometer reads 150 mph for a mere instant prior to sitting up and applying a firm two finger squeeze on the brake lever. Dropping down three gears for Turn One, the chassis maintains steadfast composure under hard braking with a slight periodic kickback felt through the lever as the ABS effectively keeps the rear wheel from lifting off the ground.

An assertive side-to-side flick from full right lean to decking the left peg through the following apex offers an impressive testament to the sporting qualities of Triumph’s latest Street Triple platform. Carving a tight line through the fast fourth gear sweeper that follows doesn’t phase the bike a bit with nary a wag or wiggle through its wide taper style handlebar. I also experience little drama feeding in throttle for aggressive drive out of the track’s quartet of second gear exits. Read More...

CycleWorld riders used Racer High Speed Gloves during this review.  

Don Canet and Triumph Lead Tester Felipe Lopez discussing the finer points of the Street Triple's chassis
and handling.